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Try Out These Reading Activities At Home With Your Kids

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When you think of children, one thing that comes to mind is “inquisitiveness.” Their minds are continuously stacking up on information from just about every source. However, all these traits aren’t bad in themselves; they are pretty normal and can be pruned to yield remarkable results in the long run. One way through which one can pull this off is the cultivation of an enduring reading habit. Here are some reading activities you could try at home with your kid for holistic development and fun. Read on to find out!

1.  Read Together

Reading with your kid is a culture that greatly helps your kid’s reading culture thrive. What’s more? It works for a wide range of age groups – meaning your kids won’t be outgrowing it anytime soon. Due to the bonding that ensues, a parent’s guidance and presence easily spike a kid’s motivation. You two could take turns reading, or you could just be the only one reading.

2.  Discuss the Graphics

If your kid is quite young, chances are they are not as fascinated by written text as they are by colorful, vibrant, and artistic depictions of information. Therefore, we at childcare in Rockville MD advise that during reading sessions, you take time out to discuss the images and drawings in books. Ask questions and answer their questions. You’d be surprised at the amount of information that would be soaked up by your kid and the level of creativity they display!

3.  Create a reading nook; be ready to try out new things.

Carving out a spot in your home for reading activities also helps foster a love for reading in your child. It could be a corner stacked with pillows or something more organized and complex. The little details do not matter, but the sentimental appeal does. In addition, you should be open to trying out new endeavors when it comes to reading. Try out new reading sites. Also, be ready to switch up on your reading choices if they do not elicit the intended reactions from your kid.

4.  What next?

This is a mentally stimulating strategy that encourages reading in younger age groups. After each reading session or the completion of a story, take time to ask them what they understand thus far. Then, ask them about possible things they think could come next. Also, you could ask them what they think could be better – in other words, ask them to do a review, except in a less tense, more fun setting. All these are aimed at testing your kid’s understanding, analytic, and imaginative prowess. What is more? The more you engage in this activity, the better your kid becomes at these things.

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