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NEET Syllabus: A guide to master subjects based on their weightage.

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Are you getting ready for NEET-UG? If this is the case, the following suggestions will be of assistance to you as you prepare. An all-India medical entrance exam for undergraduate courses in medicine and dentistry is the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET syllabus). You need to study the syllabus thoroughly because the NEET syllabus is very competitive.Without a solid understanding of the exam’s syllabus, a NEET syllabus study plan is useless.Candidates for the NEET syllabus must also be aware of the crucial topics that are frequently asked on the exam.Comprehend the test prospectus to know the subjects from where you can begin your readiness.

To make preparation simple for the NEET syllabus 2023, candidates who wish to take the exam must be familiar with the chapter-by-chapter weighting system.

We have looked at the NEET syllabus important chapter-by-chapter questions and papers.Aspirants will find the chapter-by-chapter weighting for the NEET syllabus UG 2023 exam helpful in determining how much time should be spent on each topic for the NEET exam.

Let us see what are the importants from the NEET Syllabus.

Important NEET 2022 topics:


Based on previous trends, the following are the subject-specific important topics for NEET 2022.

The NEET 2023 biology solution has the highest weight, and the exam will have 100 questions in this section.The table below provides the weighting of all of the chapters and units that make up the book.

Principles of inheritance and variation, biological classification, sexual reproduction in flowering plants, and other topics


Physics-related questions will make up fifty of the NEET 2023 exam questions.The physics weightage for the NEET for all 11th and 12th grade units, as well as the chapters within each unit, are provided below.

These topics include current electricity, ray optics, rotational motion, thermodynamics, semiconductors, and the communication system.


The candidate should be aware that there will be fifty questions in the Chemistry section of the NEET 2023.

This will help them prepare better.The table below provides the

Chemistry chapter-by-chapter weighting for NEET 2023 from the Class 11 and 12 syllabus.

Coordination Compound, s- and p-block elements, biomolecules and polymers, alcohol, and ether are all examples of coordination compounds.

The following are some general guidelines for preparing for the NEET

Learn basic math tools like differentiation because they are necessary to solve many problems. Don’t just memorize formulas in physics; rather, derive and understand how they work. Problem solving is the key to success in physics.Don’t just read the solutions; actually solve them. Instead, focus on the most important chapters while keeping in mind previous trends. Always take brief notes on all the subjects you studied (it could also serve as a copy of the formula).

The quality of your learning depends on how you feel about the process.It won’t help you learn if you have a negative attitude and keep telling yourself you can’t do it.Things will be difficult if you take a negative approach.Your brain will be more creative as soon as you begin to think positively.You’ll also feel less anxious and more open to new ideas if you have the right mindset.

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