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Trends In The Education Technology Market

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Edtech is one of only a few industries that experienced tremendous growth during the pandemic, and the situation does not seem to be changing. Due to the sudden spike in demand, many startups have been catapulted to unicorn status, making the education technology market one of the most lucrative. Many factors have contributed to this phenomenal progress, the accessibility of physical classrooms topping the list. The market is continuously evolving to meet the relentlessly rising demands. To thrive and beat the fierce competition, companies need to adapt to popular trends in the ed-tech market. Here are a few trends that you cannot ignore:

  • Augmented Reality- Augmented reality enhances the real-life environment with digital elements. AR games like Pokemon Go became very popular among people of all ages. Students can now easily access explanations of complex problems with the doubt solving scanner. Students can save time by feeding the questions into the app and can solve them simply by scanning through the doubts.
  • Virtual Reality- Virtual reality introduces another dimension to the learning world of the students. It nurtures their minds and nourishes their creativity. Rather than reading through the history books to learn about the Emperors, they will be able to experience the phase and retain the information for a longer period.
  • Live Classrooms- Apps are incorporating more live classrooms into their modules. The live videos narrow the gap between the real and virtual space and help the students get closer to the classroom experience. They can use a doubt solving app for all subjects to clear their concepts.
  • Personalized Learning- Students can learn what works for them. They can customize their subjects as per their interest. They are also able to gain more personalized learning and mentoring. The apps need to strategize the road map for students considering the individual’s capabilities. You can get ICSE solutions, JEE solutions and others, depending on what you pursue.
  • Artificial Intelligence- AI plays a significant role in making Online learning mode the future of the education system. The assessment and evaluation provided about students can vastly help teachers know about their progress status and devise plans to improve it. AI provides customized suggestions to the students. You can now scan and solve math problems, or any subject’s problems for that matter, on apps.
  • Cloud Storage- The enormous amount of data needs to be stored in a secured space that can be accessed whenever needed. It is prompting many academies to use cloud storage for their day-to-day operations and administration work.
  • Masterclasses- Apps are conducting free masterclasses to promote themselves and encourage people to learn new skills. It is becoming very successful with an increasing number of people joining the circle.
  • Mixed learning- Both online and traditional learning have their share of pros and cons. For example, traditional learning provides more opportunities to socialize, whereas online learning is more convenient. So, a mix of both worlds can be a phenomenal solution for an advanced education system where students can take advantage of the convenience and good learning quality at the same time.
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