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Between Java and Python – Which One Is Good To Learn First?

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Java and Python are considered as popular and powerful programming languages. Java and Python are quite different, so most of the beginners get confused about choosing the right programming language first. The future scope is always good when you have the fundamental knowledge as well as skills of java programming language. Students also have the chance to easily getting higher job profiles such as JAVA programmer, JAVA Developer, JAVA EE Application Engineer, JAVA Webmaster, and more. Python is a general-purpose programming language mainly used for small-scale and large-scale applications. Learning Python would definitely give you the suitable option for discovering the bridge web development as well as data analytics.

Type Nature:

Java and Python have widely used programming languages but learning the Java course is much easier compared to the Python. Java is normally the static-type programming language, while the Python is dynamic-type. With the advancement in technology, lots of improvement has been made with designated projects that include AI and more. When you learn c programming, it is easier to know more about the basics involved. Static-type language allows the user to easily declare explicitly, and the dynamic-type language is different. Using Java, it is easier for making cording much longer and beginners under the variables quickly.

Dynamic-Type Language:

Python is a dynamic type of language so that it does not include any type of declarations. All the process is hidden or implicit. Therefore, it is quite difficult for beginners to understand the process involved with variables. Learning python programming course is helpful for improving the skills and advancement in programming to the highest.

Career Option:

Individual having certificate in the Java course has more career option. In fact, it is also easier to switch jobs comfortably and even work as a freelancer. Becoming a Java programmer is much easier than a Python programmer. Learning Java is a short duration course and suitable for the better development of a career. Knowledge of Java language also gives adequate lifetime aspects.

Less Room For Mistakes:

Learning Java programming first mainly enforces the programmers to make the only fewer mistakes simply. Java’s static-type nature has strict rules of coding with a better, faster compile time. When there is a single compile-time error, then it would not execute the program.  Programmers are required to solve all errors to execute the program. In Java, there are also fewer chances of runtime errors. In Python, everything is checked at runtime so that the chance for facing the runtime error is more.

Python Supports All Styles Of Programming:

Normally, there are 2 important methods for programming that includes Procedural and Object Oriented. There are many number of ways to approach the program. The Object-Oriented is suited for the larger-scale projects. Procedural is suitable for small projects. Python basic programs especially support all the styles of programming category, so it is also widely used.


Between Java and Python, learning the Java programming language is quite easier and suitable for beginners. The transition from Java to Python of other languages is also easier.

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